Healing Gardens

The Gathering Place

Norma’s Garden was created for The Gathering Place, an organization that offers programs to address the emotional, physical, spiritual and social needs of those touched by cancer. The garden is a series of eleven interconnected rooms highlighting original sculptures and water features, and providing areas for quiet meditation. Using input from staff, cancer survivors, family members and donors, Norma’s garden was designed with two main themes: play and meditation. Participants are as diverse as the garden spaces themselves – at times children run squealing with delight and at others quiet reflective spaces are needed.

“When I give someone a tour of our facility I always look forward to arriving at the entrance to our healing garden. Virginia captured the spirit of our organization and wove it into the fabric of the garden. Every functional area of the garden has the appearance of a unique piece of art. When you gaze upon Virginia’s creation, you are overwhelmed by the tremendous thought, foresight, and inspiration that went into the placement of every tree, bench and sculpture. As an organization, we are truly thankful that Virginia, and her wonderful spirit, will forever be a part of our work.” – Eileen Saffran, Executive Director