Morgan's Garden at Lifeworks

The first therapeutic urban garden dedicated to adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in North America, Morgan’s Garden at Monarch Lifeworks School furthers pre-vocational training with urban agriculture, social interaction and sensory integration with a new horticultural therapy room, and promotes cognitive stimulation and physical (gross and fine motor skill) development. Specifically designed using attentional restoration and cohesive design techniques, a safe, secure refuge, and regenerative space — Morgan’s Garden — provides natural stimulation for adults, regardless of mental or physical ability, to grow and flourish. Expanding the role of landscape architecture, design for both physical and neurological diversity required intense collaboration with behaviourists, medical staff, educators, and social workers to provide specialized knowledge and support. The therapeutic garden, while assisting in the socio-economic inclusion for adults with ASD, greatly enhances the standards of care to this marginalized population and has significantly contributed to the school’s involvement within the surrounding community.